Napoleon EPI3C Wood Fireplace Insert Review

A wood fireplace, apart from to heating up your place and keeping you warm all throughout the winter season, is somewhat a luxury most people love. The golden radiance of flames lighting up the interior is of course a sight to see. But the hassles that comes from keeping a wood fireplace backs most people from opting for it. That’s where hassle free wood stoves line up to save you. There a number of good wood stoves available in the market presently that can cut down your electricity bill or gas charges by keeping you warm all by itself. Among them Napoleon EPI3C Wood Fireplace Insert, is one of the most efficient wood fireplace.

Napoleon EPI3C FireplaceHighlights of Napoleon EPI3C Wood Fireplace Insert

1.8 Cubic feet Firebox

The size of the firebox Napoleon features is large enough to hold a good pack of log and keep it burning for several hours without fail.Logs as long as 18 inches can be used for burning. One burn can last upto 8 good hours. Large chamber means it can hold large quantity of woods and that doesn’t need to be reloaded every now and then. And also, the heat output will be high compared to other stoves having small fireboxes. Napoleon EPI3C can heat up to 12,00 square feet easily.

Air Tubes

Napoleon EPI3C features 3 air tubes. It helps in speeding up the burning process by supplying sufficient air for the burning. The air that is being let in through these tubes, to aid the combustion, is then dispelled through the blower to warm up the house.


This wood stove is cast iron in material. It has a contemporary flush front. The fireplace is available in painted metallic black finish. It also features a handsome glass window which is the largest in the industry300 sq. in. This size makes filling the firebox an easier job and gives a good view of the hearth.

Specifications and features of Napoleon EPI3C

  • 1.8-cubic-foot capacity
  • Versatile installation options;
  • Contemporary black design
  • EPA certified high efficiency appliance
  • Dimension : 21.3125 x 26.5 x 17.3125 inches (H x W x D)
  • 55,000 BTU

Customer Reviews

“This wood burning fireplace insert looks great and is very effective for my 1200 sq.ft home. It makes our home very nice and toasty even in the lowest settings.”


This EPA certified, cast iron, high efficiency appliance is unbeatable in its performance and look. It’s slim look and low profile makes it easy to install and leave you many options to make it décor on your interior. The glass window can provide the beautiful sight of dancing flames when the cast iron frame around it ensures safety in case of over fire. The highly efficient air wash system ensures constant heat and warm that can last up to 8 good hours. Napoleon is certified to be the one of the most efficient and cleanest wood stove available by the EPA. To sum up, You are sure to save money and energy potentially by signing up for Napoleon EPI3C.

Vogelzang TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove Review

Designed for small to medium houses, with an efficiency of 75% as per EPA standards, Vogelzang TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove is economical in aspects of buying, operating and maintaining. It comes in welded steel material and has an elegant look that would add to the ambiance of any room it is placed. It has this amazing capacity to heat up the place in a matter of few minutes, when other fireplaces may take much longer time to get started. This wood stove can warm up 12,00 square feet effortlessly and can last up to 12 hours. It also features adjustable long legs which are extremely sturdy that avoids the shake and protect your floor from heat burns.

Vogelzang TR001 FireplaceHighlights of Vogelzang TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove

Here are a few reasons why should consider buying Vogelzang TR001 over other wood stoves

Large Optimal Area

This stove heats up 12,00 square feet with ease in a couple of minutes as soon as the fire is lighted. It is most suitable for small houses and large rooms. With one load of fuel it can keep warm the place several good hours and save you from having to reload the fireplace often to maintain the warmth. And you get to save on your wood expenses as well.

Less logs, More Heat

Vogelzang have the kind of firebox that is spacious enough to hold logs as long as 17 inches. That is the time and effort you need to put into splitting the logs over and over to fit into firebox all right is saved. Sit back and get warmed this winter.

Easy to Use Ash Pan

The whole aspect of maintaining a wood stove clean and hot can be a tedious job. The easy to use ash pan that Vogelzang features makes the task of cleaning the stove on a regular basis effortless and simple.

Cast Iron Construction

Vogelzang is made of steel plates. But it also features a cast iron frame for its ceramic glass window that comes in the size of 14.5*5, which is really large. You can have the warm glow of the fire lighting up you interior on winter evenings and at the same time, you can get a decent view of the firebox and will be able to keep a check on it. The cast iron construction makes the window strong and safe.

Excellent Air Inlet

Amazingly well designed is another outstanding feature of Vogelzang. The primary air inlet of this stove work to make the initial lighting easier. There is a secondary air inlet to help in the burning once the stove starts heating up. It has three ignition tubes that are right on the top of fire ensuring a quality fire and maximum heat output.

Specifications and Features of Vogelzang TR001

  • Efficient heating up to 1,200 square feet
  • It can burn several hours on one fueling
  • Adjustable legs for easy positioning

Customer Reviews

“This is the best wood burning fireplace for me. It can easily heat most of my 1200 sq ft home effectively. Undoubtedly, the cheap fireplace solution for people like me. Moreover it doesn’t use much wood”


In short, Vogelzang TR001 is well designed to suit the need and convince for those who own small houses or those who need heat up only a little area. This well designed wood stove appealing all the more. Thanks to the 75% efficiency and easy to heat up. Effortless maintenance is another factor which makes it one of the most sold fireplace in the market.  You don’t need to think twice if you are looking for a wood stove that would potentially save you money, time and energy, Vogelzang really is a wise option.

Drolet HT2000 Wood Stove Fireplace Review

Drolet HT2000 Wood Stove Fireplace is one of the largest high efficiency wood stoves available in the market. In fact, it is XL in size. Having great efficiency, a large chamber that comes in 3.93 cubic ft., 25,000 to 95,00 BTU, it can heat up area of 24,00 square ft. sufficiently. It is recommended and rated for its efficiency and the convenience it offers the owner.This fireplace comes with a facility to increase its efficiency by 2% with the use of blower. The efficiency of the Drolet HT2000, as per EPA standards, is 75%, which means it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest your money in this wood stove. And it also means it can save you money, energy and time in the long run.

Drolet HT2000 Wood Stove FireplaceHighlight Features of Drolet HT2000

Great Efficiency

The stove has been rated 78% at efficiency level by EPA, which is really good. But, efficiency level depends on the wood used for burning. The use of substandard woods may affect the performance and the heat output. Its important to make sure the quality of the wood being used.

Large Firebox

The firebox size of Drolet HT200 is 3.4 cubic ft. which can hold a good pack of logs which are up to 22 inches long. That is, with this stove at home you are spared out of the tedious job of chopping the logs to smaller pieces and filling up the fireplace every now and then to keep it burning. At one go, it can burn and keep the place warm for about 9 good hours. That is to say, large firebox means huge burning time.This feature of large firebox enables Drolet HT2000 to heat an area as large as 2400 square feet. Not bad at all.

Ceramic Glass

The ceramic glass window of this stove gives it touch of glam and décor. It comes with a sturdy cast iron frame. You need not worry about the glass as the air wash system do the job keeping the glass clean and free of soot.

Ash Drawer

To add to its user friendliness HT2000 also features an ash drawer beneath its chamber. It makes cleaning up your fireplace an easy job. Once the stove is cooled down, you only need to slide out the ash tray, empty the ash and put it right back.

Good Air Control System

The stove also features a secondary air source which will help you to get maximum heat out of the wood that’s burned. When the wood is burning, the heated air is passed through a perforated baffle allowing better combustion before the particles are released. The integrated air control valve on the top of the unit helps in adjusting the air-flow in to the firebox, for optimal heat output. In short, this one can help you to reserve wood and can keep you warm well enough.

Drolet HT2000 Specifications and Features

  • Maximum input capacity : 100,000 BTU/h
  • Can heat up to 2,400 sq. ft.
  • Color: metallic black

Customer Reviews

* “Excellent wood stove for my large room. The air control system of the stove has been excellent and is the highlight of the fireplace. Recommended for living spaces of 2000+ sq.feet.”


So, in short, Drolet HT 2000 is well designed in accordance with the convenience of the users and is amazing. It has high efficiency and great durability of burning time. The fireplace spares you from spending so much bucks on purchasing wood. It is also notable that this stove needs only little repairs and replacements. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of 5 years for most of the parts. With proper use and maintenance it would last long enough. For huge homes and large families, Drolet HT 2000 is certainly the reliable fireplace.

Bond 66594 Wood Stove Fireplace Review

Winter seasons can be quite boring and can give you blues, if all you do is hide inside the puffiness layers of clothes gives you or stay all night in the warmth inside your room. To have a great winter, to enjoy the little moments of beauty and vigor that comes along with it, you definitely need a great wood fireplace. And one that you can port to your garden, deck or patio, to have a little whiff of fresh air or a heartily time with your friends and family, wouldn’t be a great bliss? Then, EPA certified, Bond 66594 wood stove can be your aid this winter. Its sturdy built, rack and cover makes it suitable for using it outside, without making a mess.

Bond 66594 Wood Stove FireplaceHighlights of Bond 66594 Wood Stove

Quality Build

The durable steel construction of Bond 66594 makes it extremely durable and suitable for outside use. The sturdy base provides support and stability to the unit. It looks fine in black color, with a large door in front making it easy to load the firebox. It also has an attractive slate rim around the base which is absolutely stunning.

Ash Drawer

The stove also features an ash drawer beneath the firebox, making the task of maintaining it clean easy. You can slide out the ash tray, empty the ash and put it back on its place.

Mesh Screen Doors

Most wood fireplaces sports ceramic glass windows. But Bond 66594 features mesh doors. This feature is specially designed for its outside use. It makes more heat output possible. However it can also be used in the interior space as well as long as you make sure the wood used to burn is smokeless types.

Poker, Log Rack and Cover

This wood stove provides poker, log rack and cover as it is specially designed to suit the outside use. Poker makes kindling and caring for the fire convenient and easy from a safe distance. Log rack makes it possible to store the wood in a neat pile and save you from carrying around the logs to the stove or having to find a place to keep it warm as nearby. The cover ensures the safety of the stove all year around.

Specifications and features of Bond 66594 Wood Stove

  • Sturdy base provides stability and support
  • Large door to easily load wood
  • Heavy-Duty stainless steel construction
  • Large ash pan
  • Includes log rack and poker

Customer Reviews

“Very happy overall with the fireplace I bought. Remember, you should be careful about the ash pan. Else, this is one of the best wood-burning fireplace a reasonable price.”


Bond 66594 wood-burning fireplace is certainly a wonderful exterior fireplace that you can use to keep yourself warm in garden or backyard or wherever you please. Its features like heavy duty -stainless steel construction, excellent design, hassle-free ash tray, log rack, poker etc makes it worthwhile for your money. With Bond, there is no compromise for outdoor fun this winter.

Timberwolf Economizer EPA Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Nothing can beat the ambience of a live-burning vibrant fire. The ruddy flames and gleaming ember meet every demand for beauty. Firewood has the most burning efficiency as it generates up to 85% heat. In fact, wood burning insert as a heating arrangement is being superseded by wood burning insert as an aesthetic artefact. The smell and subtle crackling sound of the wood is soothing to the ears.Timberwolf Economizer EPA Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Timberwolf’s strong and elegant wood insert renders ample amount of heat required to keep the room warm. The authentic flames impart increased elegance to the fireplace. Timberwolf inserts in marvellous shades and classic forms heighten the scenic beauty of the fireplace. It has a solid cast iron arch door that imparts a classy look. It offers the best efficiency in comparison to other types of inserts.

Specifications and Features

  • Dimensions: 25-7/8” W x 22’ H x 14” D
  • Coverage: Up to 2000 Sq feet
  • Burn Time: 6hrs
  • Style: Vent
  • Flue Diameter Top: 6”
  • Emissions (gram/hr): 3.9

Highlights of Timberwolf Economizer EPA Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Outstanding Heating Efficiency

It offers a remarkable 85.5 % efficiency rating in terms of heat. An extensive coverage of heat and long burning duration also makes it worth praising. It has the capacity to heat up to 2000 square feet. The attached blower sustains the temperature at the optimal level. It has a high burn time duration of 6 hours which is an attractive feature.

Clean Burning

Clean burning is one of the key highlights of the product. It guarantees complete burning that no contamination is left while burning the fuel. It is so evident that it leaves a smile on your face as you sweep the chimney. The door is completely sealed to ensure no harmful emissions are diffused into the room.

Low Budget Heating environment

Timberwolf wood burning insert is truly a pocket-friendly product that helps you lower your heating bills. The masonry repairing is highly expensive these days that it can literally make a hole in your pocket. However, with the installation of this wood burning insert, you can lower the cost of maintenance to a greater degree.

Customer Reviews

“It is incredibly easy to install. The quality and functioning of the insert is praiseworthy. I am impressed that it burns clean. Completely worthy of the initial investment.”

“It is rewarding in terms of finance and comfort. It was pretty much easy to install and gives off fair amount of heat required to keep the room warm”


If you have a deep fascination for antiquities and classical artefacts, you can always go in line with the traditional wood fireplace inserts. Timberwolf Economizer EPA Wood Burning Fireplace Insert is a relief to the escalating costs of room heating. It enjoys a special status in the market in terms of efficiency and proves to be a righteous choice for the customers. The structural design and the arch door heighten the scenic beauty of the existing fireplace in a tremendous way.

Pleasant Hearth 20” Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log Fireplace Insert Review

No more strenuous hours of chopping the wood, meddling with the gas lines and cleaning up the messy fireplace. Electric fireplace inserts are a righteous choice if you long for an exotic feel at home in a painless way. They translate the raw feeling and ambiance of true wood through the technological capabilities. Electric inserts are in great demand at present as they help to save money on energy bills.

Pleasant Hearth 20” Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log Fireplace InsertPleasant Hearth 20” Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log insert is a fast-selling model that generates sumptuous flame effect and heat. As the name indicates, it produces the crackling sound of authentic wood which is soothing to our ears. The soft crackle of wood and dazzling flames create a magical effect in the room.

Features and Specifications

  • Color: Natural Wood
  • Volt: 120
  • Fuel: electricity
  • Primary Material: Iron, Wood
  • Coverage Area: 400sq feet

Highlights of Pleasant Hearth 20” Electric crackling Natural Wood Log Fireplace Insert

Natural Wood

Nothing soothes your eyes as the sight of a natural wood at home. In fact, this Pleasant Hearth model recreates a miniature nature at home. It may do even more wonders when you are in a black mood by offering a refreshing scene at home. While other inserts rely on artificial wood, Pleasant Hearth makes use of true wood to create an enthralling background for the existing fireplace.

Crackling Sound

The sight of true wood along with the subtle and soft crackling sound creates an enchanting and delightful mood at home. While other inserts succeeds to please the senses of the viewers at the visual level, this Pleasant Hearth product soothes the ears as well and produces a double effect. The crackling noise could be adjusted by bending the metal shield. In fact, it is as refreshing and tranquilizing as the breath-taking sound of a waterfall.

Ease of Maintenance

The thought of the toilsome job of cleaning the ashes, dust and remains of the wood out of the fireplace no more pesters you. This electric fireplace insert leaves no trace of wood at the fireplace, making it a much simpler affair. Zero emissions reduces the physical effort of getting up and opening the windows for the passage of clean air. Furthermore, it reduces the risks of unattended fires in the room.

Customer Reviews

“As it uses natural wood in its manufacturing, the logs are more appealing. The crackling noise are adjustable by bending the metal shield”

“It is well made and looks stunning inside a fireplace. The turn on switch is situated right behind the log set which makes it a little inconvenient”


Pleasant Hearth 20” Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log functions as an efficient heating system as well as an amazing decorative piece. Majority of the customers are satisfied with the product as it is a great deal for the price. It suits best to small-medium size fireplaces. With zero harmful emissions and open flames, Pleasant Hearth inserts ensure thorough safety for the customers. They also serve as a decorative piece for the interior of the home.