SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace Review

A fireplace is essential to brave harsh winters. It’s something that will occupy some space of your house all throughout the seasons whether it is in use or not. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be of some purpose to you all around the year other than being let alone to catch dust for the rest of the year when it is not winter? True those electric fireplaces are a great solution. It can provide you with wonderful flames anytime of the year with or without heat, to add extra dollop of luxury to special occasions and plain nights alike. But a media console electric fireplace can be of more utility and purpose than that considering its multiple functions and year around performance. SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace is one such great buy.

A media console electric fireplace, as the name suggest, comes with mantels than can accommodate a television and shelves for related media components and other items. It is, in short, a media center with a fireplace. Or in other words it is entertainment and warmth in one package. SEI Narita is an affordable, easy to use media console electric fireplace that is more than just a fireplace.

 SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace Review

Highlights of SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace

SEI Narita is a 100% energy efficient, cost effective fireplace that is considered as one among the best media console electric fireplaces available in the market. Here are some reasons why it tops the list of best media console electric fireplaces;

Heating Efficiency

SEI Narita is a wonderful fireplace that can heat up an area of 1,500 sq. foot in less than 24 minutes. You will able to keep your entire home warm using this fireplace. The adjustable thermostat and remote control make the heating affair an easy-peacy job.

Strong Mantels

The top panel of the SEI Narita is designed to place a 46- 50 inch flat screen television.  The mantel is so strong and sturdy; it can hold up to 85 pounds.


Another highlighting feature of this fireplace is its compartments. The media center has two adjustable shelves with glass doors. The space is a great bonus as it can be used to store a lot of items. Top shelf is designed to hold media components adding to the functionality of the unit.

Features and Specifications of SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace

  • Remote control Features : thermostat, timer, logs, Flame adjustment; Child Lock
  • Flames : Lifelike multicolor flames & burning logs with embers; Dynamic embers effect pulsates dimmer to brighter for an authentic look;
  • Interior Style : Classic brick style interior and optional down light illumination;
  • TV Dimension : up to 46″W overall; Weight Supports up to: 85 lb. (mantel), 15 lb. (per shelf);
  • Overall Dimension: 48″ W x 16.25″ D x 32.5″ H;
  • Media Shelves  and configurations : 2 media shelves, 2 cabinets, and 2 adjustable shelves
  • Temperature ratings: 62-82 degrees at 4 degree intervals; Supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet

Customer Reviews

This fireplace is one of the top rated among media console fireplaces in most of the online shopping sites. Narita has 4.5 star ratings on Amazon and 62% of the customers rated it with 5 stars which indicate a good level of user satisfaction.

Most of the customer reviews says it takes time to assemble the unit, and although it is not difficult for one person to assemble it all by himself, it is better to get help from somebody. Overall the reviewers are greatly satisfied with the look and style of the unit and the heating capacity as well. But some of them found their flame doesn’t look like actual fire and are unhappy with the firebox. Most of the users are ready to recommend this product to other people and are really happy with their purchase and experience.


There is hardly any other fireplace that can match this unit in its heating performance, looks and functionality. In total, SEI Narita media console electric fireplace can be a valuable addition to any home despite seasons and time.


Real Flame G1200E-W Fresno Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace Review

Media console electric fireplaces are a great a way to enhance the ambiance of living rooms by serving a couple functions. Besides being a source of potential heat to warm your interiors in winters, they can hold your television and related media components neat and arranged. As they are big in size and attractive in style and design, they are definitely a stunning addition to any drawing home. It can also be a wonderful solution if you want to keep the furniture in the drawing room to minimum. It can save a lot of your floor space.

Real Flame Fresno is a substantial freestanding fireplace cum a wonderful media center that would enhance the ambiance of your drawing room magically. It comes with a mantel, fireplace and remote control to add to the convenience.

Real Flame G1200E-W Fresno Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace, Large, White Review

Highlights of Real Flame G1200E-W Fresno Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace

This is one of the best easy to assemble, hassle-free media console electric fireplace. Thanks to the stunning features, the media fireplace is dearer to the customers who signed up for it. Following are features that make it special:

4500 BTU

Real Flame Fresno is a brilliant fireplace that pours out 4,500 of BTU heat per hour consuming 1400 watt. With this heating capacity there is no need to worry about under heated rooms this winter.


This media console fireplace has well designed shelves. They give you a lot of storage space for electronics and other items. These shelves are adjustable. You can arrange it in a way that you can place everything you wish in it.

Remote Control

This easy to use remote control that comes with this media console fireplace makes it easy to operate the fireplace. You can turn on or turn off the unit, adjust the thermostat and do handful of other function using the remote control without leaving the comfort of your seat.

Realistic Fire

This media console electric fireplace is not only brilliant in providing ample heat; it also has the most realistic flames available.

Specification and Features of Real Flame G1200E-W Fresno Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace

  • Construction : Solid wood and veneer construction
  • Finish and Style : All white finish
  • Power Ratings : 1400 Watt, 4700 BTUs/hour
  • Storage Facilities : 6 open shelves for storage and display
  • Dimensions: 71.7 x 19 x 29.9 inches
  • Weight: 145 pounds
  • Shelf size: 17 x 14.5 inches
  • TV sizes: up to 50 inches
  • Colors: White, black and dark walnut
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Materials: Wood and MDF
  • LED technology: Yes with 5 settings

Customer Reviews

The people who signed up for Real Flame Fresno media console electric fireplace found it to be  everything it is described to be and they are very pleased with their choice of purchase. The customers are really satisfied with the quality of the product, heating capacity, flame effect and the design of the product.  Although installation is not hard, it is time consuming because of its heaviness. Except for that, this media console fireplace is loved by its users and they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. Said that, this is one of the best sold fireplace in the market.



Real Flame G1200E-W Fresno Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace is all about giving a royal makeover to the interior of your house and keeping it clutter free, and warm in winters. This unit is a brilliant blend of entertainment, warmth and style. The remote control helps you adjust the logs and flame independently other than setting the heat on the desired level. This gives you its use an ease and luxury. The fireplace is able to hold a flat panel TV that weighs up to 100 pounds or less.

In total, this unit being more than a brilliant fireplace, it is also a stunning piece of decor and a wonderful entertainment center that would transform the whole look of any interior. This multi functional unit can be a perfect style statement for your drawing room. It is absolutely worth its price. Having one such media console fireplace is a great way to have a good time all the time.

Dwyer 57″ Media Console Electric Fireplace Review

The task of keeping a fireplace is these days a less burden because of the advancement in technology. In a way our modern fireplaces are now light years ahead of the old wood fires of the past.  They are entirely user-friendly and are made to suit the modern houses and modern man. Electric fireplaces are now in popularity owing to the increasing sophistication and convenience of use. These fireplaces are affordable, energy efficient, hassle-free, cost-effective and eco-friendly while being able to pour out ample heat to keep the chill off on winter days without trading the flames. There are a variety of electric fireplace available to suit different needs and different houses.

Media console fireplace is essentially an electric fireplace in an entertainment center. Or in other words it’s a fireplace that can accommodate a TV and other media components. These kinds of fireplaces are best suited for houses with small rooms and to people who want to retain their floor space and keep the furniture to a minimum.

Dwyer 57 Media Console Electric Fireplace Review

Highlights of  Dwyer 57 Media Console Electric Fireplace

This traditional style Media Console in a rich espresso finish with a 25-inch curved front electric insert is a household favorite. These are a few highlights that make this product stand out from the rest:

Heating Efficiency

This wonderful fireplace is stunning in its performance as it is in design. Dwyer comes with a heat output of 4700 per hour. It can warm an area of 400 sq. feet easily and sufficiently 1400 watts.

Remote Control

The unit comes with a multifunctional remote control which makes it very easy to use from anywhere across the room. You can easily adjust the flame and heat settings using the remote control and touchpad settings.


This unit is a traditional style media console electric fireplace that comes in burnished pecan finish. It is made using furnished wood and wood veneers which makes it elegant in look. Dwyer has a large shelf and two side cabinets for storage. The 25 inch carved electric insert provides you with life like flames and realistic logs.

Specifications and Features of Dwyer 57″ Media Console Electric Fireplace

  • Fireplace Finish : Burnished pecan finish
  • Style of the Fireplace : Traditional style
  • Insert Style and Size : 25-inch curved front electric insert
  • Flame Effects : Realistic flame effect and logs
  • BTU: 4777
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Holds TV: up to 60 inches
  • Also includes Shelf for media components

Customer Review

After going through the customer reviews and product feed backs, we have found that Dwyer 57″ is a much loved media console electric fireplace. Majority of the customers are happy with this unit. They claim the assembly and the installation of the product easy and simple.  Also, this fireplace is much liked for its heating efficiency and the brilliant flames. Overall, customers who signed up for this product is really pleased with their purchase and some of them even recommended it to their friends and family already!

Dwyer 57″ Media Console Electric Fireplace Review Conclusion

To conclude, this traditional style media console electric fireplace is well-built and it will certainly be a wonderful addition to any room. It can hold a 66 inch flat screen TV and has wide space for storage which can be utilized to store other electronic devices safely. The authentic looking orange flames and ember bed radiant log set makes it even more attractive.  The remote control makes to possible operate the unit effortlessly for your comfort and preferences. In nutshell, if you prefer an affordable fireplace of a big size, which is elegant in style and capable of keeping you warm all throughout the winters and at the same time be your entertainment zone, Dwyer 57″ electric fireplace is all yours.


SEI Cartwright Electric Fireplace Review

There are only a few things in the face of the earth that can replace the ambiance and comfortable warmth of hearth fire in the coldness of harsh winter days. But keeping a wood burning fire is certainly a task and it has to be carefully looked after. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have an electric fireplace that is more of a classy old fireplace in its looks and which is good enough to spare you from the tedious tasks of keeping a fire clean, strong and safe? SEI Cartwright is such an electric fireplace.

SEI Cartwright is stunning in its performance and in its vintage looks. There is hardly any other electric fireplace that could match the antique, classy elegance of this one.

SEI Cartwright Electric Fireplace

Highlights of SEI Cartwright Electric Fireplace

Let us have a look why this fireplace is one of the most sought after and highly recommended electric fireplace in the market.

Ease of Use

Cartwright features a remote control facility to operate the unit. By using the remote control you can adjust the thermostat, timer, logs and flames from wherever you are. This unit provides the option to ignite the flames with or without heater adding to the convenience of the user. Another great thing about Cartwright is that it can be used in the corner of rooms as well as flat against the wall.

High Heat Efficiency

The heat output of the unit is 5000 BTU or 1500 watts which is sufficient to warm up a space of 400sq. feet. It has high heating efficiency in terms of heating up smaller rooms which makes it one of the best supplementary heating devise and ideal for zone heating.

Elegant Design

SEI Cartwright is amazingly stunning in its design from top to bottom. There are two sleek columns at either side of the firebox complementing the crown at the top, in embellished earthly tiles. The flames are multi-colored and there are LED bulbs which can be turned on when additional light is needed. It also has classic brick style interior adding to the vintage touch.

Features and Specifications of Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace

  • Remote Control ofr thermostat, timer, logs, and flames separately;
  • Modes of usage : With and without heater
  • Flames : Lifelike multi color flames and burning logs with embers;
  • Interior Design : Classic brick style interior and optional down light illumination;
  • Dimensions of TV supported: Fits a flat panel TV up to 43.5″ W overall;
  • Weight Supported : Up to: 85 lb. (mantel);
  • Overall Dimensions: 45.5″W x 15.5″D x 40.25″H (flat), 45.5″W x 26.5″D x 40.25″H (corner);
  • Finish : Classic espresso finish with earth toned tile
  • Temperature ratings: 62-82 degrees at 4 degree intervals and has supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet

 Customer Reviews

People are awestruck with the fabulous look, heating performance and the ease of use of SEI Cartwright Electric Fireplace. The remote makes it easy to control. The heating performance is top notch that many have found it to perform well even within half the heat level. Very much happy about this fireplace, many are ready to recommend it to their peers citing the reason that this is one of the best electric fireplace they have come across.


Cartwright is capable of keeping you pretty warm as well as to brighten up the ambiance of the surroundings by letting out a hearty glow. The heat output and the light effects can be precisely controlled using the remote device. If you are looking forward to polish the vintage vibe of your house this winter, there is really no better decor than SEI Cartwright which is stunning mix of antique beauty and value.

SEI Claremont Convertible Media Electric Fireplace Review

Winters are incomplete without fireplaces that will keep you warm and cheer you up. But keeping and maintaining a conventional fireplace is time consuming and some energy must be put to it in order to keep it burning clean and safe. But to ease you of those burdens, electronic fireplaces that has the goodness of old classy fireplaces are now available in the market.  They are made to meet the heat requirements, safety measures and aesthetic appeal of different kinds to suit any customer.  The fact that these electric fireplaces don’t need any special safety precautions other than that of normal electronic devises makes it more widely used by people who has little kids and pets.

Southern Enterprises Claremont is one of the most recommended electric fireplaces that is noted for its user friendliness, design and heating performance. This easy to install, economical and energy efficient fireplace is truly stunning in its appearance. No doubt, it can brighten up the look of the rooms it is placed.

Southern Enterprises Claremont Electric Fireplace

Highlights of Claremont Convertible Media Electric Fireplace

Let us have a look why this particular fireplace has been a favorite to the users so far;

Heating Capacity

The unit is capable of heating up an area up to 1500 cubic feet in less than half an hour with 12.5 amperes, which is quite a good job.

Adjustable thermostats

Claremont comes with a thermostat that you can adjust according to your wish. This allows you to set the perfect room temperature. Also this feature enables it to increase and reduce the heat quickly and effectively.

Two Adjustable Shelves

This fireplace features two adjustable shelves which can hold Television, books or anything you may want to decorate it with. Imagine the plentiful of creative options you are left with!

Remote Control

Claremont also makes the task operating the system of the fireplace effortless with the help of remote control device. You wouldn’t have to get up and go to it every time you need to increase or decrease the temperature. You can also switch it on and off using the remote.

Features and Specifications of SEI Claremont Convertible Media Electric Fireplace

  • Easy to use adjustable thermostat
  • Safety thermal overload protector;
  • Adjustable flame brightness control
  • realistic flickering flame effect
  • long life led lights
  • Specifications: 120v-60hz, 1500w / 5000 btus,
  • Current Rating : 12.5 amp;
  • Heating Time :  tested to heat 1500 cubic feet in only 24 minutes (14 feet x14 feet x8 feet )
  • Finishing : cherry finish
  • Details of Media Console : mantel supports up to 85 pounds; accommodates up to a 50 inch flat screen tv;
  • Construction Material : poplar wood, mdf and pb with veneer
  • Shelves Dimension:  8 Inch W x 7.5 Inch D x 8 Inch H;
  • Media equipment storage shelf Dimesnion: 23 Inch W x 13 Inch D x 5 Inch H;
  • Two adjustable shelves can move up or down 2 Inch


Customer Reviews

This is a great value product for many customers considering the level of heating the fireplace provides. It gives you amble amount of heat. Many have recommended this media fireplace to their relatives or friends. Thanks to the sleek design and quality build.


Review Conclusion

In conclusion, this quality build, durable fireplace is a treasure considering its performance, features and appearance.  The lively multicolored flame Claremont offers is a sure way to spice up the ambience of cold winter evenings. This is one of the best media console electric fireplace as rated by many who have been using it. The luxury of entertainment and warmth in one shot is now affordable with this electric fireplace without trading the nostalgia of the hearth.

Southern Enterprises Elkmont Electric Fireplace Review

Does it worry you that most of your time during the winter days are gone with the wind in tending clean hot fires and cleaning up afterwards?  Or are you in a dilemma about choosing a fireplace for zone heating at your home? Cool down. There are quite a number of electric fireplaces that are cost effective, supplementary heaters that comes with modern convenience and the goodness of the dancing flames.  Many varieties are available depending on look, design, size, features and heat output on varying prices. Well, if you are looking for a one that is capable of warming you well enough even in the coldest of nights and at the same time has the charm of a traditional fireplace, Southern Enterprises Elkmont Electric Fireplace is definitely the one for you.

What make this electric fireplace stand out from the rest is its stunning classy looks in the contemporary design. The flames are more realistic than that of any other electric fireplaces and have even the flickering and crackling sound to add to its effect. Now you know why SEI Elkmont is there in the list of best rated fireplaces in the market.

 Elkmont Electric Fireplace

Highlights of SEI Elkmont Electric Fireplace

These are a few reasons why SEI Elkmont is popular among the electric fireplaces and why people who use it are ready to recommend it to others without any hesitation.


Elkmont promises a heat output of 5000 BTU per hour. This is sufficient to heat up a room as large as 1500 sq. feet. What is more interesting is that it takes only less than 24 minutes to warm up 1500 sq, ft. of space.

Strong Mantel

This fireplace comes with a strong mantel that can hold weights up to 85 lbs. The mantel can be used as television stand or a book shelf.  You can even display coffee mugs or ceramic jars or anything that you please to add to the ambiance of it.

Remote control

Remote control that comes with this unit makes it easy to operate and saves you time and energy. The remote apart from helping you control heat, makes it possible to control the brightness of flames as well. And all this within the ease of a click from wherever you are in the room.

Specification and features of Elkmont Electric Fireplace

  • Remote control adjusts thermostat, timer, logs, and flames separately.
  • Option for using with or without  heater is available.
  • Once the electric fireplace is powered off, logs and flames slowly turn down
  • Design : Classic brick style interior coupled with optional down light illumination
  • LED Bulbs give you energy efficient and long lasting illumination options.
  • Maximume height of TV that can be kept on it:   43.5″ W overall;
  • Supporting weight: 85 lb. (mantel);
  • Overall: 45.5″ W x 14.5″ D x 40″ H
  • Temperature ratings: 62-82 degrees at 4 degree intervals
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Self-regulating heater turns off when temperature is met. It also has Child safety lock accessible from remote control. Another notable features is glass remains cool to the touch.

Southern Enterprises Elkmont Electric Fireplace Customer Reviews

The electric fireplace works really wonderfully for almost all the customers who have bought the project. The performance, elegant style, ease of maintenance and assembling makes people delighted about this fireplace. There are many fireplaces of similar looks. However, the LED lights of this one take it to a whole new level.

Review Conclusion

SEI Elkmont is available in two different colors; stunning wood grain and dark earth toned. It is easy to use and 100% energy efficient. Its vintage looks can lend a substantial ambiance to the room where it is placed and can keep you warm and cozy all throughout this winter and the winters to come. No doubt, there are no better options for a fireplace, if you want to cherish the golden glow of the hearth and crackling sound of the timbers in more convenient way. Yeah, SEI Elkmont Salem is all yours.

Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace Review

Imagine the ambiance of a cozy room all bathed in the dusky glow of the flickering flames, on a cold winter evening. Would you want anything more than to grab a glass of wine and sit by the fire and have a quality time all to yourself?  If it was the idea of the smoke, overheated stuffy rooms, fire hazards and other hassles has been keeping you away from a log fire, here is your solution. Electric fireplaces have come a way ahead to heat up your cold winter days without leaving you any of the worries that comes with conventional fireplaces, and without compromising the magnificent effect of the wood fire.

Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace  is a top rated electric fireplace that has won the heart of the customers.  Unbeatable in its style, this electric fireplace features LED display and brightness dimmer. And to add to its charm, this is one electronic fireplace that can bestow on your place the grace of a real wood fire.

Life Smart Infrared Quartz Fireplace

Highlights of Life Smart Infrared Quartz Fireplace

5100 BTU/hour heat output.

The optimal heat output of the Infrared Quartz is 5200 British Thermal Units per hour. This is fairly enough to heat up any room as large as in the size of 1000 sq. feet sufficiently.

Easy to use

What makes it one of the best rated infrared fireplaces is that, Life Smart Infrared Quartz possesses a lot of user friendliness. First of all, it comes with a remote control which makes it possible to operate it from anywhere across the room. It also has built-in thermostat adjusts from 55-97 F with large LED display. You can move it all around the house as you like, all you need is standard plug point to plug it in to.

Safety Cut off Switch

There is no space for fear about overheated stuffy rooms with Infrared quartz fireplace as your ally for this winter. This electric fireplace features automatic shut off. You can easily set the temperature you need for the room. The heating element will be automatically turned off when the room is nicely heated, avoiding overheating. That’s, just in case you forgot to turn off also, you have nothing to worry about. What is more interesting is, when the room temperature drops below the desired level, it turns on its own.


Specifications and Features of Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace Review

  • Dimensions: 29W x 11D x 23H in.
  • Heats 1000 sq. feet with 5100 BTU’s
  • Features a Quakerstown dark oak cabinet and mantel
  • Two levels of realistic fire glow
  • Produces natural, quiet, and efficient infrared heat

 Customer Reviews

Many customers rate it as one of their best investment citing the low power consumption of this beautiful fireplace.

Yeah, the realistic flame gives you the feeling of yest-year orthodox wood fireplace.  The heater is cool to the touch and moves around easily over burner carpet and floor. And this apparently makes it one of the best electric fireplace.

Review Conclusion: Is this Your Best Fireplace?

Sleek burnished oak wood finish Lifesmart Infrared Quartz is easy to use, safe and extremely attractive in its design.  This electric fireplace is ideal for zone heating. It is promised to heat up an area of 1000 sq. ft. without raising your electricity bill. In fact, the product is advertised only to use up 15,00 watt. You know this is no more than the electricity needed for a hair dryer. The mesmerizing flames featured by this fireplace would make a beautiful sight that’s no less the dancing flames of a hearth. In total, not only investing on this fireplace wouldn’t be a bad idea but also it’s a great way to go comfy this winter.

Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review

The ease of use and convenience in terms of space, energy and time has lead the people to prefer electric fireplaces more than traditional heating methods and conventional stoves over the years. A good electric fireplace, more than just being an electronic devise you use to warm your home, can add much to the ambiance of it no matter if its turned on or not. With the advancement in technology, there are a number of electric fireplaces in the market that will match the different heating requirements and varying aesthetic needs from one home to another.

If you are looking for a fireplace that will warm you well enough during the cold winters, without taking much of the precious space of your room, then Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace could be the one for you. It is a wall mounted fireplace saving you floor space and leave you many options in styling your interior.

Moda Flame Houston50” Electric Fireplace

Highlights of Moda Flame Houston 50″ Fireplace

 Remote Control

Moda Flame Houston electric comes with an efficient remote control. That makes it easy to operate the heat without having to walk every time to the fireplace if you need to set the temperature bit high or low. Using this remote control you can control not only the heat but also the flames. Isn’t that sounds wonderful?

Pre-set Heating Options

This electronic fireplace features 3 heat settings; low, high and no heat. You can set to low mode if you need the room warmed up slowly. The high setting heats the room faster and it takes more power to operate ie, 1500 watts which is standard. The no heat mode enables you to use the flames without heat. Imagine having the golden glow of the flames to keep you company on a summer evening without giving you the feel of being toasted in an oven.

Automatic shut off

Automatic shut off is an overheating protective mechanism, adding safety and convenience to the fireplace. When the room temperature goes up to an undesired level, the fireplace automatically shuts off.

Specification and features of Moda Flame Houston 50″ Fireplace


  • It is ventless and smokeless
  • Three Heat Settings – high, low, and no heat (only flame effect)
  • Power : 1,500 Watts (400 sq. ft.).
  • Dimensions: 50.4 in. x 5.5 in x 21.65 in
  • Remote control of flame and heat(batteries not included).
  • Timer Settings: Automatic shut off of 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.
  • Best for : Any modern or traditional home.
  • Minimum clearance for TV Placement :  36″ to Television.
  • Power consumption with the flame effect : 2.5W per hour.

Customer Reviews

For many customers, Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace is the perfect fireplace and it is the best mean to relax after coming from office. People are very happy about the product and suggest their peers to have this wonderful electric wall mounted fireplace for thier home.

What’s Your Take on Moda Flame Houston 50″ ?

Your search for a great looking wall mounted fireplace ends with Moda Flame Houston 50W electric fireplace. The unit is efficient to heat a room of 400 sq. ft. well enough. The attractive features makes it unbeatable and the worth the money. It offers remote control that can control both heat and flames separately,timer, automatic shut off to avoid overheating and energy loss etc.  What more would you possibly want from a fireplace other than heat in winter and light all the year around? Yes, Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace lets you have great time all the time.

VonHaus 1500W Portable Electric Stove Heater Fireplace Review

The tiring task of chopping the logs, keeping the fire and taking care of the mess after can be put away this winter and you can have quite a classy fire at your home by investing on an electric fireplace for good. Yes, the goodness of log fires are now captured in a wide variety of electric fireplaces that are now available in the market. Electric fireplaces are a way ahead of conventional heating methods in performance, safety and convenience.   The idea of a small size portable electric stove heater that you could take from one room to another, sounds interesting to you? Then you might check out VonHaus 1500W Portable Electric Stove Heater Fireplace which is absolutely reliable, economical and most importantly safe.

VonHaus 1500W Portable Electric Fireplace

Highlights of VonHaus 500W Electric Fireplace

Following are a few reason why people find this little fireplace charming and worth their money.

Small in size

VonHaus 500W is only 21.3 x 16.4 x 11.1 inches in size and only 18 lbs. Because it is compact in size and light weight, it is easy to carry around and ideal for zone heating. You only have to pick it up and plug in to wherever you need to heat.  In spite its size this stove kicks out sufficient heat to warm you well enough on chilly winter days.

Safety Cut Off

The fireplace goes automatically off when the room is warmed up to the temperature it is set to heat. This feature makes it possible to avoid overheating of the rooms and the consequences of overheating like malfunctioning of the unit, fire hazards etc.

Classy Design

Vonhaus 500W is designed to look like an old stove and has a classic retro look about it. And the flames it provides are brilliant and vivid like that of a log fire. It has a glass door showcasing the wonderful dancing flames adding to the aesthetic appeal it creates.

Adjustable Heat

This fireplace allows you to operate it at two heat levels; 750W and 1500W. You can use it accordingly to the heat out required to make the room feel warm and cozy. VonHaus also allows you to operate the heat and the flames independently. That is,if you need only the dusky glow of the fire for a night, you can turn off the heat as you wish.

Features and Specifications of VonHaus 1500W Fireplace

  • One of the best Electric fireplace with elegant freestanding design and classic black finish – great for the home, garage or workplace
  • Realistic vivid log flame effect with variable flame brightness – This allows you to use the fireplace with heat or independently for stunning visual impact
  • 2 heat settings with adjustable thermostat control for optimum comfort
  • Safety thermal cut off device which stops the appliance over-heating
  • Power: 750/1500W, Product Size: 21.3 x 16.4 x 11.1 inches
  • Product Weight – 18 lbs

VonHaus 1500W Portable Electric Stove Heater Fireplace Customer Reviews

As per the reviews found online, customers are very delighted about the performance of the portable electric fireplace. The well made and decorative fireplace is very good for small rooms. Customers say that the real warmth of this fireplace is from within five foot area in front of it.

VonHaus 1500W Fireplace Review Conclusion

In total, this small fireplace is a free standing design absolutely worth its price. It is appreciated for its realistic flames and log burning effect by those who have used it. Being relatively small and light, it is easy to move around and helps in zone heating. If you are looking for a supplementary heat source for the winter days and a fine piece of decor that will jazz up the ambiance of any night by lending the golden glow of the flames, VonHaus 1500W is absolutely in your league.