Napoleon EPI3C Wood Fireplace Insert Review

A wood fireplace, apart from to heating up your place and keeping you warm all throughout the winter season, is somewhat a luxury most people love. The golden radiance of flames lighting up the interior is of course a sight to see. But the hassles that comes from keeping a wood fireplace backs most people from opting for it. That’s where hassle free wood stoves line up to save you. There a number of good wood stoves available in the market presently that can cut down your electricity bill or gas charges by keeping you warm all by itself. Among them Napoleon EPI3C Wood Fireplace Insert, is one of the most efficient wood fireplace.

Napoleon EPI3C FireplaceHighlights of Napoleon EPI3C Wood Fireplace Insert

1.8 Cubic feet Firebox

The size of the firebox Napoleon features is large enough to hold a good pack of log and keep it burning for several hours without fail.Logs as long as 18 inches can be used for burning. One burn can last upto 8 good hours. Large chamber means it can hold large quantity of woods and that doesn’t need to be reloaded every now and then. And also, the heat output will be high compared to other stoves having small fireboxes. Napoleon EPI3C can heat up to 12,00 square feet easily.

Air Tubes

Napoleon EPI3C features 3 air tubes. It helps in speeding up the burning process by supplying sufficient air for the burning. The air that is being let in through these tubes, to aid the combustion, is then dispelled through the blower to warm up the house.


This wood stove is cast iron in material. It has a contemporary flush front. The fireplace is available in painted metallic black finish. It also features a handsome glass window which is the largest in the industry300 sq. in. This size makes filling the firebox an easier job and gives a good view of the hearth.

Specifications and features of Napoleon EPI3C

  • 1.8-cubic-foot capacity
  • Versatile installation options;
  • Contemporary black design
  • EPA certified high efficiency appliance
  • Dimension : 21.3125 x 26.5 x 17.3125 inches (H x W x D)
  • 55,000 BTU

Customer Reviews

“This wood burning fireplace insert looks great and is very effective for my 1200 sq.ft home. It makes our home very nice and toasty even in the lowest settings.”


This EPA certified, cast iron, high efficiency appliance is unbeatable in its performance and look. It’s slim look and low profile makes it easy to install and leave you many options to make it décor on your interior. The glass window can provide the beautiful sight of dancing flames when the cast iron frame around it ensures safety in case of over fire. The highly efficient air wash system ensures constant heat and warm that can last up to 8 good hours. Napoleon is certified to be the one of the most efficient and cleanest wood stove available by the EPA. To sum up, You are sure to save money and energy potentially by signing up for Napoleon EPI3C.

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