Bond 66594 Wood Stove Fireplace Review

Winter seasons can be quite boring and can give you blues, if all you do is hide inside the puffiness layers of clothes gives you or stay all night in the warmth inside your room. To have a great winter, to enjoy the little moments of beauty and vigor that comes along with it, you definitely need a great wood fireplace. And one that you can port to your garden, deck or patio, to have a little whiff of fresh air or a heartily time with your friends and family, wouldn’t be a great bliss? Then, EPA certified, Bond 66594 wood stove can be your aid this winter. Its sturdy built, rack and cover makes it suitable for using it outside, without making a mess.

Bond 66594 Wood Stove FireplaceHighlights of Bond 66594 Wood Stove

Quality Build

The durable steel construction of Bond 66594 makes it extremely durable and suitable for outside use. The sturdy base provides support and stability to the unit. It looks fine in black color, with a large door in front making it easy to load the firebox. It also has an attractive slate rim around the base which is absolutely stunning.

Ash Drawer

The stove also features an ash drawer beneath the firebox, making the task of maintaining it clean easy. You can slide out the ash tray, empty the ash and put it back on its place.

Mesh Screen Doors

Most wood fireplaces sports ceramic glass windows. But Bond 66594 features mesh doors. This feature is specially designed for its outside use. It makes more heat output possible. However it can also be used in the interior space as well as long as you make sure the wood used to burn is smokeless types.

Poker, Log Rack and Cover

This wood stove provides poker, log rack and cover as it is specially designed to suit the outside use. Poker makes kindling and caring for the fire convenient and easy from a safe distance. Log rack makes it possible to store the wood in a neat pile and save you from carrying around the logs to the stove or having to find a place to keep it warm as nearby. The cover ensures the safety of the stove all year around.

Specifications and features of Bond 66594 Wood Stove

  • Sturdy base provides stability and support
  • Large door to easily load wood
  • Heavy-Duty stainless steel construction
  • Large ash pan
  • Includes log rack and poker

Customer Reviews

“Very happy overall with the fireplace I bought. Remember, you should be careful about the ash pan. Else, this is one of the best wood-burning fireplace a reasonable price.”


Bond 66594 wood-burning fireplace is certainly a wonderful exterior fireplace that you can use to keep yourself warm in garden or backyard or wherever you please. Its features like heavy duty -stainless steel construction, excellent design, hassle-free ash tray, log rack, poker etc makes it worthwhile for your money. With Bond, there is no compromise for outdoor fun this winter.

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